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"Create Your Own Custom Leather Journal, Sketchbook, Binder, Book Cover & More!"

DW Books and Journals

Artist Leslie S. Post

From the Studio of Leslie S. Post


Are you on a quest for a unique leather journal, sketchbook, 3 ring binder, book cover or ereader/ipad cover???

Do you want to have the ability to customize something that fits your unique needs, desires and budget???

Are you tired of the same-old cookie cutter look, size, and feel of manufactured blank books and products found in the big corporate bookstores???

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, you are in the right place!

D'Vyne Wrytes offers many choices that can be customized to your wishes!
By cover style or theme, binding type, size, page number and colors.

All Books, Binders and Covers are custom hand crafted in a private home studio by one artist!

"Everything I craft is done completely by hand using minimal tools. I do not own a fancy manufacturing machine that takes raw material and shoots the finished product out the other end. 
I am a sole artist working from a home studio individually handcrafting each custom book, binder, and cover to your specifications".
~Leslie S. Post, Artist

Looking for an heirloom quality blank leather book for journaling or sketching?
Check out Blank Leather Books which come in two binding styles; the hand stitched permanent and the hand laced refillable.

(Pictured here: Traditional Hard cover with Celtic Cross Design
and Steampunk Rustic Soft Cover)

Traditional Hard Cover Journal  Rustic Soft Cover Journal

Check out D'Vyne Wrytes Portfolio for one-of-a-kind custom work for ideas. 

And for "Inspired by" and "Reproductions" such as Dr Who's River Song TARDIS Journal and the Never Ending Story.

Looking for something where pages can be removed easily and quickly?
Or maybe something to hold your valuable collection of photos, memorabilia, comic books or trading cards?

Check out 3 Ring Leather Binders.

Perhaps you are looking for a custom leather cover for a favorite book, notebook or ereader/tablet device (Nook, Kindle, or Ipad)?


Leather Scroll Journals

Leather Scroll Journal 


Custom 3 Ring Leather Binder

Custom 3 Ring Leather Binder - http://dvynewrytes.com


Rustic Wraparound Leather Book Cover

Rustic Wraparound Leather Book Cover


Custom Traditional Leather Book Covers

 Custom Leather Book Cover for

Leather Notebook Covers 
Leather Notebook Cover


Leather Ereader/Tablet Covers

Rustic Leather Ereader/Tablet Cover


Leather Ereader/Tablet Cases



Leather Satchels

Leather Satchel with Dr Who River Song's TARDIS Journal Design


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